“What an amazing film. I congratulate you, especially with such a complex and vexatious subject to sort through. I am so knocked out by the articulacy and optimism of your principal contributors, by their style and pizzaz”

Dame Janet Suzman

“Thank you for your beautiful work and for your passion for human beings and their rights . I had goose bumps through most of film. You really know how to touch your audience.”

Natalie Fisher

Good Hope is fascinating, important and impressive. South Africa is in such a unique position in its history and if they achieve the changes they are on the brink of, the whole world could learn from them and the good hope could spread. I have learnt a lot and been allowed to listen to a wonderful mixture of articulate voices and I do feel hope. PLEASE SHOW IT TO CYRIL RAMAPHOSA!!! It will give him courage. You have done a great thing and I hope it is widely seen.

Dame Harriet Walter

It’s amazing! You said your aim was to make people feel less negative – but you have succeeded in inspiring us.

Steve Watson

A good film needs to tell me something I don’t know and must also touch my heart. Your film scored on both points. I found it very well balanced and broaching all core issues. There were some hair-raising moments, great humour and you cover some very controversial topics. I believe this is a very current documentary that should be exposed globally and most especially nationally in the next few years. Every South African citizen should see it. Your film could serve as the tipping point SA needs for the good forces to overcome the bad ones and ensure the country follows the right path. The power of cinema should never be underestimated.

Malcolm Scerri-Ferrante

Congratulations on the amazing documentary ‘Good Hope’ I was fully absorbed for the whole 90 minutes and it is a message that deserves promoting.

Terry Eaves

An amazing , honest piece of cinema. You cannot help but leave the theatre feeling positive about this country . It makes me want to be a better person.

Hein Reinders

The movie was truly inspiring. Fabulous work.

Norma Yates

Awesome….so uplifting! Will share far and wide.

Rod Zane Gallocher

The documentary excellent and the camera work is amazing. Take home message: a community gains enormous power when we overcome our fears and speak out. The film balanced male and female voices, so the narrative feels inclusive. Congratulations, this film will go a long towards educating nations.

Inqwelo Cinema
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