Your film showed a generation of young South Africans we don’t usually get to see: educated, ethical, eloquent and dedicated to building a new society where everyone is given a chance. These young men and women believe in themselves and the better future described by Mandela of a just and compassionate South Africa. That so much hope can come out of so much hate shines a beacon for all of us everywhere.

Victoria Tennant

Wow! This documentary it’s a mouthful, it’s inspirational and very informative. I like the fact that it has an application of Ubuntu. It has given me a different view of how as a nation (more especially the youth) we can tackle and address the issues or challenges we facing currently and in future. I appreciate it so much, to have watched and listened to such a great inspirational documentary. Thank you!

Lebogang Lerato

This film takes a deep dive into a country I knew too little about (just the broad strokes, alas). The title is quite apt–the array of impressive people Anthony Fabian interviewed really does fill one with hope, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable struggles. The fact that there are so many energetic, hands-on, intelligent, dedicated, diligent people devoting their lives to raising people up is truly inspirational. Now Anthony needs to come to the US and find those same people here, so as to give us a little bit of hope in the midst of our existential nightmare!

Valerie Spencer